Camping in Tokyo | Japan

Who would have thought that there would be camping in Tokyo.  A huge mega city like Tokyo with serene camping spots? Never?!

After spending the first night staying in a hostel, we decided to look for a camping site.  Camping in Tokyo is fairly easy as there are four to five spots to choose from.  We took a short ride on the subway to Shin-Kiba station, got off the train and set-off walking through an industrial estate to our chosen camping spot, Wakato.

The walk was a lot further than we initially thought.  We trudged through the pouring rain with our heavy bags, and finally arrived.  The space was massive, with roughly 50 tents set up.

The Next Morning

Waking to the sound of screaming school children did not put us off the fact, that we had just saved a lot of money and had a great nights sleep.  The amenities were great, and there was even a cooking area that we made use of to good effect!  We were amazed by how busy it was, it must be a common Japanese past time!

How much does it cost for Camping in Tokyo?

Costing us just 800 yen, it is an affordable way to stay in a very expensive city.  Set along a river and away from the main road, it was quiet place to spend the night.

A good idea?

Without doubt I would do this again.  Tokyo is so unbelievably expensive,  that to be able to save money in this way is a good idea if you are on a budget.   It was also nice to be able to mix with the locals, and despite my preconceptions, Japanese people are incredibly friendly.   The only problem is during the day, you do need to lug all your stuff around with you, as there are seldom storage areas, where you can leave bags behind for the day.



The rules

Lots of locals were camping there

Set away from busy roads


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